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10 Tips on Ways to Save When Shopping at Grocery Outlet

Tips on how to make shopping at Grocery Outlet work best for you.

This post was written by Jen Dotson and Sia Hills, owners and bloggers at Thrifty NW Mom, a one-stop resource for ways to save money all around the Pacific Northwest. They share coupons, recipes, travel ideas, DIY projects, events, frugal tips & more to help families stretch their hard earned dollars!

Shop Us First, Save More

1. Shop Grocery Outlet first

Since Grocery Outlet may not have every item available on your list, but the items they do have will be rock bottom prices, they are a great first stop. I often take 20 minutes to head into my local Grocery Outlet once a week to see what great items they have on sale. I can shop later for any items they did not have on my list, and it helps me save a lot vs. just heading into a traditional grocery store.

WOW Alerts

2. Sign up for email updates and receive the WOW alerts to get the best deals.

Grocery Outlet knows that many of their patrons wish they could receive ongoing notifications about their hottest, unadvertised deals before they sell out. WOW Alerts solve this problem and deliver this information directly to customers’ email inboxes. For more information on WOW Alerts, visit the FAQ.

Email Sign-up
Stock Up

3. Stock up when you see the products you love

If you find an item you use often, at big savings (and its not close to the expiration date), stock up on it! Since Grocery Outlet will change their inventory often, you cannot be sure it will be available the next time you stop in, so buy as many as you will go through before it hits the expiration date (or if you can freeze it, buy 3-4 months worth). This will help you by keeping you from paying full price for that item for the next few months at least!

Cheese and Wine

4. Having a party? Shop for fine cheeses and beverages at Grocery Outlet first

Grocery Outlet has some of the best prices on specialty cheeses (the stuff you find in the deli section at other grocery chains), that we have found. I have gotten some of our favorites, like Havarti and Gouda cheeses, for less then half of what I can find it in the deli sections of other stores (sometimes as low as 1/3 the price)!

I have also found great deals for things like salami, summer sausage, specialty cracker, truffles or specialty chocolates and more.

Grocery Outlet is also well known for wonderful deals on wines if you want those to accompany your food. They even run wine sales from time to time to help you save even more! You can ask if your store has anyone on staff to help you navigate the best deals in the wine section, or use an app like Wine 4 Me to find the best selection!


5. Head to Grocery Outlet to save BIG on Natural and Organic products by shopping their NOSH sections

Grocery Outlet has put a much bigger focus on stocking their NOSH line. This is the Natural, Organic. Specialty, Healthy foods. I am loving the NOSH section at my local store. I am able to find everything from items like organic canned black beans, to more specialty items like Chia Seeds.


6. Use coupons to save even more

While Grocery Outlets do not take manufactures coupons, they do offer store coupons and savings from time to time. Be sure to sign up for their email list to get access to the coupons when they are available. They are generally generic coupons, like $5 off $25 purchase etc.

Store Employees

7. Get to know your local store employees

Each Grocery Outlet is independently owned, and so there may be some variance from store to store. My local Grocery Outlet has owners that are originally from Walla Walla (wine country of Washington State). They know their wines, and they hold a monthly free wine tasting, where you get goodies, free wine pours and even get to take a free wine cup home with you. Store employees have also provided me valuable tips on where to find what deals throughout the store, based on the way the store is set up. They can provide tips on best brands, and hot deals the day you are in the store too.


8. Follow Grocery Outlet on Social Media to learn about some of their best deals

You can follow the main Grocery Outlet Facebook page here. We also recommend that you check with your local store to see if they have a Facebook page, or Twitter account you can follow. Many of the local stores will share special offers they have available in their store, so you don’t miss them. My local store also posts free events too, so its a great avenue to use to stay on top of what they have going on near you!

Get to know labels

9. Learn what the labels mean, for the best savings!

Pay attention to the labels at your store. Just like the WOW alerts mentioned above, “WOW” labels on products in the store will alert you to hot offers that are priced at 50% to 70% off!

You can also look for the “Elsewhere Price” noted on the signs. This will give you an idea about what that product is selling for in other stores nearby.

Yes, We're Local

10. Rest assured when you shop, as Grocery Outlet offers a 100% guarantee for everything they sell

If you are not satisfied with any of your purchases, for any reason – you can return it for a full refund!