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How We Do It

It might seem like a dream, but the savings at Grocery Outlet are very, very real.

Here’s how we keep our prices so low.

Grocery Outlet is one of the largest opportunistic buyers of grocery items in the country. Our expert buyers travel the world each year looking for the most exciting deals.

Grocery items surplus icon

Step 1

When a brand has excess inventory from packaging changes or manufacturing overruns, they call us.

Saving money with low prices icon

Step 2

We buy these excess products for pennies on the dollar, passing the savings on to you.

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Step 3

Each local store owner chooses products from our inventory that their customers will love the most, personalizing each store’s selection to its local community.

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Step 4

We move the products into our stores and onto our shelves, where customers come back week after week looking for new finds, new brands and new and exciting ways to save.

The best deals in town – even on basics

At Grocery Outlet, we think it’s important to provide all of the basics – like milk, eggs and meat – for our customer’s convenience. However, these aren’t products that can typically be sourced opportunistically. So, to ensure they’re available, we source them conventionally, just like other grocery stores, making sure to price them at or below the lowest price in town. This means you can do all of your shopping in one place, knowing you’re getting the best price. We have the best prices around, no hoops, hurdles or gimmicks!