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Distribution and Reconditioning

From your warehouse to our stores – fast

At Grocery Outlet, our systems are specifically designed to move product fast – so all items we sell move from your warehouse to our store to our customer’s kitchens at warp speed. Our distribution centers and reconditioning process are a key part of that process.


Grocery Outlet provides a single product-specific channel of distribution. Products move through our distribution centers and then immediately into our stores. Our six distribution centers are located in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. Each distribution center uses computerized tracking devices to provide controlled distribution, monitor close-dated products, and offer automated recall. With four west coast and two east coast centers – both dry and refrigerated – we guarantee that no product will ever make its way into another distribution channel without prior approval.

See Distribution Centers


We also have the capacity to help recondition your product when you need it, in order to provide you with the greatest cost recovery.

We can:

Strip and relabel
Label or relabel canned meat and meat products (USDA #3356)
Add stickers to products such as short weight
Sort for quality problems
Change packaging as required, remove hazards and repack components
Repack bulk product into consumer sizes