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New Year, New Budget

A new year is just days away, so what's your New Year's Resolution for 2011?  On January 1st, many people will resolve to save money, making budget-trimming a priority.  And since the typical American family spends 15-20% of their household budget on food (the number two slot after housing), grocery shopping is an area where families can significantly slash spending and the best place to start saving money.


2011 Budget

Consider some tips like these to help you save money at the market and stick to that resolution.

- It’s an oldie but a goodie – don’t shop hungry.  Your wallet will thank you.

- Plan trips and shop from a list so you’re less inclined to impulse spend.  Shop your cupboards first to avoid duplicate purchases.  And be ready to change menu plans according to sales items.

- Be opportunistic. Look for manager’s specials and mark downs within the store.  Stock up on non-perishables when they're on sale.

- Try “extreme value” food outlets – such as Grocery Outlet.  These outlets purchase overstocks and closeouts directly from manufacturers resulting in prices up to 70% less than conventional retailers.

- Start cooking.  The United States Department of Agriculture has estimated that the percentage of middle class household budgets spent on dining out can be as high as 44%.  

- Buy in bulk.  Single servings are expensive and waste packaging.  Buy items such as yogurt and soup in large containers.

Just as sure as the new year will bring new resolutions, Grocery Outlet has resolved to help you save money.  But that's nothing new—it's what we do year after year.  Happy New Year from all of us at Grocery Outlet!

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