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Frugal Fitness

Getting in shape shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Here are some equipment and exercise tips and tricks to help you put your best frugal foot forward.

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats are thin, roll up easy for storage, and let you perform many exercises, including yoga, stretching, and Pilates.  You have a buffer between a cold floor or scratchy surface.  We’re getting in yoga mats for $9.99, so you’ll save while getting more flexible and strong.

Fitness Ball
Improve your posture and work towards a healthy back with a fitness ball.  Fitness balls can be used for stretching, abdominal exercises, and some strength training.  Even just sitting on one instead of a chair maintains your core muscles (the ones in your stomach and lower back).  This website has a bunch of good exercises you can do on a fitness ball that aren’t difficult and make for some frugal fitness fun.  Pick up a fitness ball for $9.99 at Grocery Outlet.

Athletic Shoes
Good quality athletic shoes will not be the most inexpensive item on your list; however, picking up good shoes will save your feet, legs, and back from injury and help you stay balanced and fit.  Our tip: try on shoes in the store and get the advice of a professional.  Then, note the manufacturer, the style, and size, and see if you can’t find a good deal on them online.

Also, there are many activities that you can do with good shoes: running, power walking, hiking, aerobics, and kickboxing can all be done inexpensively or for free with good shoes.  Check out a local park for running and hiking trails and see if you can rent exercise DVDs from your local library.


Working Out

Supplement Your Workout
Grocery Outlet also has these fantastically frugal items in stock right now to supplement your exercise routine:
- As Seen on TV Push Up Pro ($9.99, you save $10!)
- As Seen on TV Perfect Pullup ($19.99, you save $20!)
- Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $2.99, you save $5.  
- Jerzees Athletic Socks, 3-pack for only $1.99!

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