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Proposed Grocery Outlet in Astoria

Value & Choice. What Astorians Deserve.

Who We Are

At Grocery Outlet, we work hard to bring our customers the brands they love at prices that are nothing short of pure bliss. Our brilliant buyers shop the world for the best deals on brand name foods, allowing us to deliver unbeatable prices and WOW! our customers every day. Our buyers source it all – everything from fresh meat and produce, to our natural and organic NOSH items, to the WOW deals we can hardly believe ourselves!

Locally Owned & Operated

Oh, and yes, we’re local! Our stores are independently owned and operated by local families that offer superior customer service and a personalized touch to each of the local communities we serve. It might seem like a dream, but we guarantee the savings couldn’t be more real!

Since 2018, Grocery Outlet and Main & Main Capital Group have been planning the development of a new store in Astoria.

  • 2190 Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon
  • 16,000 sq. foot retail grocery space
  • 25-35 new jobs for the community
  • Total construction costs/finish out estimated at $3,000,000
  • Economic contribution includes work for local contractors and suppliers

Grocery Outlet would operate the store and lease the property from developer Main & Main. The Astoria property is currently owned by the Heestand Family which has a long history in the area of operating Nehalem Valley Motor Freight. The site is currently occupied by TP Freight Company.

The estimated economic contribution would include construction of the new grocery store and rely on available local contractors and suppliers, benefitting the local economy. Total construction costs and finish out is budgeted to be around $3,000,000 and the project will take 6-7 months to complete.

Grocery Outlet has a long-standing history of remaining in a community once the store is open. Our goal is to be stable in the community for decades to come.

Collaboration with City of Astoria’s Community Development Department

Over the last 18 months, Main & Main has worked closely with the City of Astoria’s Community Development Department to address design requirements to fit into the local historic character of the Gateway Overlay Zone. Specifically, modifying its original design to blend with other business, the Co-Op and the residential neighborhood across the street from the property. Main & Main has also addressed the concerns of pedestrian safety and traffic along both Commercial Street and Marine Drive, relying on the expertise of Michael Ard, PE, of Ard Engineering out of Portland.

Our shared goal is to develop a store that is a true reflection of the needs of the Astoria community.

Based on discussions and feedback from city staff, on 6/26/19, final plans were submitted to the City for consideration by the Astoria Design Review Commission, a five-member public citizen commission whose responsibility is to evaluate the design of proposed projects within the Gateway Area based on established design review guidelines. A few deficiencies were identified by city staff regarding lighting, landscaping, and a trash enclosure. We provided updates and revised plans to address the deficiencies which we submitted on July 19. We further addressed the updates in subsequent meetings on 8/1/19 and 9/5/19 prior to the commission’s final review on 10/3/19.

On 10/3/19, the Design Review Commission formally denied the application, but both Main & Main and Grocery Outlet find the commission’s basis to be inconsistent with guidance provided by the city.

As established in city code, Main & Main has asked the Astoria City Council for a “de novo” hearing of the Design Review Commission’s denial. The City Council granted a hearing, scheduled for 1/21/2020.

At the hearing Main & Main will present information regarding Traffic, Access, Building Elevations, and Signage. Grocery Outlet and Main & Main will be asking the City Council to approve our application by recognizing the store’s design meeting the City’s guidelines. Specifically, the store’s architecture will be compatible with the surrounding area, provide easy pedestrian access to the store entries facing the two streets and good vehicular access to Marine Drive. The store’s sign, facades and pedestrian amenities now meet the requirements identified by the Design Review Commission.