Independence from Hunger

For one in six Americans, hunger is a difficult reality.  To help our community's hungry, we're hosting our fourth annual Independence from Hunger food drive.  This is a month-long, company-wide food drive throughout July, bringing together Grocery Outlet stores and their customers to help feed people in their local communities who are facing hunger and food insecurity.  

In 2011, Grocery Outlet stores and their customers collectively donated more than $223,000 in cash, gift card and food donations to help support local food assistance agencies as part of the Independence from Hunger food drive.  In 2012, we increased our donations to over $292,000—meaning, over half a million dollars donated in just two years! In 2013, we hit the $300,000 mark, and in 2014, we're hoping to raise enough to put us over the $1 million total campaign collection mark.  Will you help us?

What can you do to help?

Take our $4-A-Day Challenge!
Our mission is to provide our customers with healthy, inexpensive food options.  With this in mind, we've created a $4-A-Day* brochure that shows how to shop and cook to feed a family on $4 per person per day.  Most of these recipes were crafted and tested by Amy Sherman, a San Francisco–based cookbook author, food writer and recipe developer, who blogs at Cooking with Amy.

Take the challenge by trying out the recipes and see how much money you save.  Once you've tallied up your savings, consider donating the difference to the Independence from Hunger campaign.  Challenge yourself to make the difficult decisions those in need have to make every day by paring down to what's essential.  Then share your savings with others!


Download the $4-A-Day* Meal Plan!


How can you help the campaign? 
Find your local store to get started: Store Finder
  • Look for specially-marked food items at your local Grocery Outlet. These are items that the local food assistance agencies currently need. Purchase those items and place them in the collection bin at the front of the store.
  • Tell a Grocery Outlet cashier that you'd like to make a cash donation at the register. Donations will go directly to the local food assistance agencies.
  • Pick-up information at a Grocery Outlet store about hunger, food insecurity and local/national resources for people in need. Be informed and willing to help.
  • Join the events at your local store to support the Independence from Hunger food drive.
  • Stay connected.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our Bargainista Blog to stay tuned on Independence from Hunger news!

Help us stop hunger in our local communities in July!  Thank you for your support.

* prices calculated per person.

Independence from Hunger