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Stocking Stuffer Savings

With all the festivities and shopping lists, we're all strapped for time and money during the holidays, and stockings are often overlooked until the last minute.  Often, this means paying premium for those sock-sized items, and the stuffed stocking can end up costing more than the big gift.  The Bargainistas at Grocery Outlet have some simple suggestions to help you save time and money and deliver stocking bliss.

  • Be Convenient. You don't need to make a special trip to a special store.  Look for stocking stuffers at the places you normally frequent, like Grocery Outlet.
  • Be Sneaky.  Sneak in some practical items like a toothbrush, socks, band-aids and school supplies.  These are things you'll need to buy anyways, so you'll be stuffing two socks with one dollar.  And, one less trip to the store when your kid needs new socks.
  • Be Consumable.  If you're one of those parents that feels like all the little toys are overtaking your home, stuff those socks with consumable items, like their favorite candy, gum, fruit snacks and granola bars.
  • Be Thematic.  Follow a theme for all the items.  Have an art enthusiast?  Fill the stocking with art supplies – markers, crayons, glue, and butcher paper rolled up.  It will give you back a fridge door full of artwork to display.
  • Be Silly.  Throw in a couple things that will make them laugh.  Maybe a whoopie cushion or a pet rock.
Happy sock stuffing and Happy Holidays from everyone at Grocery Outlet!

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