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Afterschool Snacks

Afterschool snack time is very important to kids—they’ve had a long day in the classroom and on the playground and are hungry when they get home! So how can you, a busy parent, satisfy them quickly and nutritiously?

We've collected some of our favorite snack recipes from Parenting magazine, and we're passing them along. All of these are pretty quick to make and will surprise and delight your kids. Plus, they're healthy too!


Pita Chips and Hummus

 Make these healthy Pita Chips with Hummus.


Fruit Dip

This recipe for sweet and tangy Fruit Dip will help your picky get some extra nutrition!



These Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce will satisfy hungry snackers!

A little extra planning can help provide healthy, surprising snacks in a few minutes.  Check your local Grocery Outlet store to see how many ingredients you can find, and save money on these snacks. 

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