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Oscar Party

The Academy Awards are upon us and one of our favorite traditions is to host an inexpensive party while we watch the big show.  With a little creativity, you can have a fabulous fete for very little money.


Oscar Statues


Party Attire
Let your guests know that dressing up is encouraged.  Break out any appropriate formal wear from the back of your closet. We've found many a retired prom dress or suit at thrift shops.  Cheap tiaras from the party store complete the look.

A plain white tablecloth will add style to any setting.  Add a red runner down the center for that red carpet feel—if you can't find one, a wide red ribbon will have the same effect.  Write guests' names on gold stars and use them for place cards on the table.  Party stores will also probably stock some cheap Oscars decorations this time of year.

Grocery Outlet has a wide array of party appetizers, snacks, and entrees. Fresh cut veggies and dip are always popular, as are fancy cheese and crackers, or heated appetizers from our frozen section. 

Think about theming your food to the best picture nominees, or choosing your favorite film and making food in keeping with what the characters might eat: barbecue for True Grit, British fare for The King's Speech, or replicate the ballerina cake from Black Swan.

Whatever you choose to do, top it off with a glass of sparkling wine or champagne from Grocery Outlet, and get ready to toast!

Make ballots for celebrity party attire.  Who has the best dress?  Who has the weirdest look?  Who made the best joke?  Who had the best speech?  Worst speech?

Prepare movie trivia for the commercial breaks to keep everyone entertained.  Give away fancy candy as prizes. 

Make up your own awards as the night goes on, and put the names of the winners in fancy envelopes.  At the end of the night, announce who your winners are, and give guests prizes as they leave. 

You're always a winner with us!

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