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The Tao of Wow

If you’ve shopped at Grocery Outlet, you probably have it all figured out—you know we’re all about bringing you great prices on good quality food and more.  You’ve discovered that we’re about family; that nearly all of our stores are independently owned and operated by local families making their own way.  You’ve noticed that we’re a fun, smart, hardworking group of folks that love bringing you the best deals we can.  That’s all true.  But recently, we’ve noticed another neat Grocery Outlet phenomenon: customers throughout our stores having the same reaction to the amazing bargains they find.

Think about how you feel when you find that killer deal—that product you really love: a big brand, a high-quality specialty item that’s hard to find anywhere else, and an amazing price that’s sometimes only half of what you’d expect.  It’s a thrill!  Your eyes open wider, you feel a little lightheaded, you get a huge smile, and you say, “WOW!

WOW!  I can’t believe they have this here!”
WOW! I found this for half of what I spent last week at another store!”
WOW! I can get my very favorite thing for way less money!”
WOW!  I can’t wait to tell my best frugal friend about this incredible deal!”
WOW!  I should really buy more of this before it’s gone!”

Want some more “WOW!”?  We’re hosting an event we’re calling the Weekend of WOW!  This weekend, February 18-20, we’re highlighting many fantastic national brand and specialty items in our stores, all with a minimum savings of 40-50%!  Just look for signs around the store, calling out our WOW items.




We’re also hosting a contest on our Facebook page: Show Us Your Wow!  You can enter to win a FREE year of Grocery Outlet groceries ($2600 value), by uploading a photo of your best WOW! deal.  And just by filling out the entry form, you're entered to win one of seven $50 gift cards to Grocery Outlet. 

What’s your best “WOW!”?  Come over and tell us on Facebook.  Click here: Show Us Your WOW!

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