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Eat, Drink and Be Frugal! Holiday Entertaining on a Budget

One of our favorite holiday traditions is the parties!  There's something so magical about gathering with friends and family under the glow of the holiday decorations and the warmth of the holiday spirit; it’s a time to celebrate the people in our lives and the year behind us.

But let's be real.  It costs money to throw a party.  And time.  Both of which are hard-pressed in December, right?  Check out these quick tips to help you play holiday hostess without spending the mostess.

- Keep it simple.  People don't need an elaborate spread to enjoy each others' company.  Stay focused on the real spirit of the season and make your friends and family the main attraction.  But don't skimp on festive holiday tunes!

- Skip the meal.  Time it right and you can get away without serving a full-on meal.  Consider an afternoon gathering with hot cider, cheese and crackers.  You can't beat our President Brie Wedge, 6 oz. for $1.49 (save up to $3.50).

- Use time-saving shortcuts.  Baking holiday desserts from scratch is wonderful if you have the time.  But for those short on time try ready-made options like our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (made by a top leading brand we aren't allowed to mention), 80 oz. tub for $4.99 (save up to $5).

- Share the burden.  Don't be afraid to do the potluck thing.  It gives your guests a chance to show off their favorite holiday dish while you save a bowl full of money.  Ask folks to bring copies of their recipe to exchange.

- Raise your glasses.  Add some holiday cheer to your party and toast your favorite people.  Try our Archetype Shiraz/Cabernet (Barossa Valley, Australia) 2008, for $2.99 (save up to $11).  It's a full-bodied, delicious wine sure to complement any holiday fare.  

Surely, you have your own budget-friendly party tips, and we'd love to hear them!  How do you entertain during the holidays?

Happy Holideals from everyone at Grocery Outlet!

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