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Spare the Time, Spoil the Family and Spice Up the Meal

Sure, it took months and months to prepare the very first Thanksgiving feast.  But even with our modern day conveniences of grocery stores and cooking tools, holiday menus may result in more time spent over the stove than at the table sharing memories.  With these easy techniques, you can spare some time and spice up your holiday feast with a much needed makeover, and for less money than you’d expect.
- Don't let that turkey gobble up your quality time with family and friends.  Cut your conventional cooking time by a third by butterflying and grilling the turkey.  See our video on how to do this:



Click here to go to YouTube and see the rest of our how-to videos!
- Give the traditional a twist with our Sugar and Spice Holiday Menu.  You can feed a family of six for about $20, which works out to about $3 per person.

Menu Item / Per Serving Cost

Grilled Butterfly Turkey $1.24
Southwestern Cornbread Stuffing $ .38
Smashed Spiced Sweet Potatoes $ .34
Southwest Roasted Green Beans $ .53
Cranberry Sauce $ .20
Rolls $ .11
Pumpkin Pie $ .37
Total $3.17

- Dice your fruits, vegetables and herbs for cooking the day before and place them in plastic baggies or storage containers. Refrigerate until ready to use.
- Think quality over quantity and downsize the number of side dishes.
- Share a slice of the pie!  Ask your guests to bring the dessert.  Sometimes the cost of the desserts winds up being more expensive than the meal itself!

You can find the complete Sugar and Spice Holiday Menu, recipes and shopping list by clicking here.

This holiday season, make it a priority to spoil your friends and family with the gift of time together.

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