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Frugal Furry Friends

Grocery Outlet bargainistas love their pets—they’re part of our families.  We’re sure you love your pets too, which is why we’ve recently put our focus on expanding our pet product selection.  I interviewed Paul, our pet buyer, to get the scoop.

Paul, have you noticed any big changes in the pet category this year?

We’re getting better deals on pet food due to a higher volume of close-outs than we’d normally see in one year.  A good example is a new vendor, Castor & Pollux—a very high-end gourmet pet food company.  They make specialty organic and natural dog and cat food that we are able to offer at up to 66% off the retail price.  This is a very special deal that you’ll only see once, so stock up now while you can.  We can always hope for more.

Another change is that two of our key suppliers changed their packaging on three of our key categories: dry dog food, dry cat food, and canned cat food.  Subsequently, we’re seeing a lot more product coming through our doors.

Are there any products that are really difficult to get?  

Purina Dog Chow and Cat Chow, and Gravy Train Dry Dog Food are hard for me to stock.  These are cornerstone brands and their manufacturers try hard not to have much excess inventory.  When you do see these items, buy more than one because they won’t last long.

What are the most exciting products we have in the stores right now?

I’m most excited about the Castor & Pollux, and Purina Beneful—both have excellent value for the caliber of product.  Also, we have Milk Bone Plus 24 oz dog bones coming in, and Milk Bone dog treats.  I know those will be popular with Grocery Outlet dogs.

For our cat lovers, I'm thrilled that we have 9 Lives cat food in stock. It's a great brand and a good value for our customers.

How did you manage to get these great deals?

Both were packaging changes by the manufacturer.

Are you a pet lover yourself Paul?

Yes!  I have a dog, Focus, that I rescued from the Berkeley Animal Shelter and a cat, Bear, that we rescued from the Castro Valley Animal Shelter.

Thanks Paul!  And to kick things off, we want to share with you some of Grocery Outlet's frugal furry friends...

Jasmine the cat

 Jasmine, Mark's cat.



Scout and Georgia Porter

 Scout and Georgia, Melissa's cats.



The Nimh.

 Nimh, Kelly's cat.



Herman, the resident mascot of our downtown Seattle store


Jeff's dog.

Jeff's dog, Kaylie.


Winston and Levi

Dave's dogs, Winston (left) and Levi (right).



Maggie, Bryan's cat.



Smokey, Maria's horse.

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