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2nd Place Winner - Alex Marshall

Alex was outgoing, funny, and had some fantastic culinary ideas.  The judges liked his concept of Chicken Thighs with Beurre Blanc (a sauce made from butter and white wine) and thought his dish was refined, but he got points knocked off for execution.  The judges wanted the rice to be a little more cooked, so when you make his recipe, be sure to check the rice.

 Alex, prepping

Alex, prepping.


Alex, cooking.

Alex cooking.


Pilaf with Asparagus

Alex plating the Rice Pilaf with Asparagus.


Alex cheering, upon winning 2nd place.

Alex cheering, upon winning second place.

Though Alex didn't win first place, he made a delicious dish that was inexpensive and paired well with wine.  He's also the only chef who used wine to cook with in his dish. 

Click here to view Alex's recipes.

Click here to see his receipt.

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