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Feed your Family on $3 a Day

At Grocery Outlet we understand how challenging it can be to feed your family with wholesome, affordable food, while still keeping mealtime interesting and fun.  We have created two brochures detailing how to feed a family on $3-a-day per person.

The First $3 A Day Brochure has a week’s worth of healthy, delicious meals and snacks. The easy-to-follow recipes and daily meal plans provide variety, nutrition, and above all, a great value!

Our second brochure, 3-A-Day for Everyone builds on the first brochure with recipes organized by meal, so you can mix and match.  We hope this provides flexibility and more ideas to help you prepare healthy, enjoyable meals for your family.

We also encourage your creativity, so if you have any great ideas to share or ways to improve upon these recipes, please contact us!

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