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  • Guest Blog: Mama Harris's Moscato Berry Sangria!

    We're having a hot week, and the perfect thing to chill out (if you're a grown-up) is sangria out on your patio, deck, or porch.  One of our favorite bloggers, Mama Harris, made Moscato Berry Sangria with a bottle of Moscato she got at Grocery Outlet:


    Moscato Berry Sangria


    "But what I did get in the photos was this sangria that my friends and I enjoyed. It was deeee-lish, and strong too! Perfect for the occasion, if I do say so myself. I used the bottle of Moscato that I purchased from Grocery Outlet along with another bottle I had already of Sauvignon Blanc. Paired with a bunch of berries, a lemon from our tree and a bit of Triple Sec, it was the perfect pairing for our party."

    To get the recipe for this delicious sangria, view here post here: Mama Harris's Moscato Berry Sangria

    And to view all the items she got for her party, check out her Grocery Outlet haul post, here.

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  • Cheers to Holiday Wine Savings!

    Whether it's a casual gathering with friends or the traditional family Christmas meal, holiday celebrations and wine go together like Santa and cookies.  We hoped you saved a lot on our 20% off Wine Sale this weekend, but the good news is that it's still the perfect time to stock up and say “Cheers!” to your savings on great wines. And since it can be overwhelming to buy wines sure to please everyone at the party, we wanted to share these simple tips.

    Think Variety. Holiday parties usually involve a large variety of foods, including appetizers and desserts. So don't limit the wine selection to the main course. Provide a variety of wine selections including a sparkling wine, a white wine and a red wine.

    Bubbles or Bust. Sparkling wine, or Champagne, makes every holiday activity feel more festive. And it will work for brunch, lunch and dinner parties. Don't be afraid to add a little dash of color to the bubbles with a splash of cranberry juice and a few fresh cranberries.


    Holiday Wine

    Go Corkless. It's become more common to find great wines with screw caps instead of corks. So you can ditch the hassle of a corkscrew – especially handy at a large party.

    Bulk Buy. If you find a wine you know you love, go ahead and buy in bulk. And if you're not hosting the holiday parties this year, it's the perfect hostess gift to bring along. Just don't show up empty handed!

    Go ahead and raise your glasses, then toast to your favorite people!

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  • Gifts Galore! Delicious Gifts for the Hostess, Teacher and More

    'Tis the season of giving! At Grocery Outlet, we like to think you can give more, when you spend less. And we're here to help! This week we are talking about budget-friendly gift ideas for those special people on your list. Here are some fun gift ideas, perfect for teachers, neighbors and co-workers. And don't forget those gracious party hosts and hostesses that deserve some holiday love too.

    Edible gifts
    We love giving edible gifts because they don't become clutter or require a gift receipt for returns. Last year, we posted some simple recipes for edible gifts created by food blogger Amy Sherman at Cooking with Amy. And here are some delicious ideas to add to the mix:

    Go Nuts. Fill a decorative vase with nuts for a classic salty snack. Consider layering nut varieties with dried cranberries and yogurt-covered raisins for a dash of red and white. Adorn with decorative ribbon and a tag that reads, “Go Nuts this Holiday!”

    Santa's Trail Mix. Fill a large mason jar with layers of mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, peanuts, granola and cereal. If you're feeling ambitious, you can add these darling Santa Hats made with Bugles and red Candy Melts.  Recipe and photo via Cookies & Cups.


    Cheers. If you're strapped for time, a bottle of wine is the perfect gift to show your appreciation to the gracious hostess. Just add a pretty ribbon and gift tag, or write a festive note directly on the bottle's label. Pop in to your local Grocery Outlet's Wine Department and you're guaranteed to find a great selection of quality wines at bargain prices. In fact, they're such a bargain you can get yourself a bottle too!

    So go ahead and give yummy gifts galore! Happy Holideals from Grocery Outlet!

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  • Budget Holiday Party Ideas

    It's the most festive time of year to host a party. You've trimmed the tree and hung the lights, now all you need is to gather your favorite people and enjoy some holiday cheer. So don't be a Scrooge when it comes to holiday entertaining, consider these party ideas to entertain on a budget.


    Miracle on 34th Street

    Holiday Movie Night.
    Everyone loves a classic holiday movie. Invite your guests to bring their favorite holiday movie and the group can vote on the one to watch. Pull out your cozy blankets and pillows and serve popcorn and hot cocoa.


    A Christmas Story

    Holiday Cheers. Host a holiday wine tasting party. Ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine to share. Place each bottle in a brown paper bag and number each bag. Then pass out judging papers for guests to rate each bottle. Tally the scores and reveal the winning bottle. Just add a cheese plate and some classic holiday tunes to complete the party.

    Giving Party. 'Tis the season of giving, so why not make a party out of giving back? Invite guests to join a local volunteer opportunity (check then top off the evening with a festive dessert and egg nog. It's a win-win.

    However you choose to celebrate, we hope you will enjoy the holiday spirit with your family and friends.

    Happy Holideals from Grocery Outlet!

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  • Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

    It happens. Sometimes, despite our best intentions to plan ahead, the holiday happenings creep up on us and we find ourselves strapped for time. But don’t let it keep you from playing host to the most wonderful meal of the year. Here are three quick tips for the Last-Minute Lucy’s out there.

    Mini bird. If you don’t have time to thaw and cook the whole turkey, opt for just the breast. A five-pound turkey breast will cook in just about one hour and will serve 6-8 people.

    Less is more. You don’t need eight different side dishes. Just choose your favorite three side dishes. After all, the true Thanksgiving bounty is the abundance of loved ones. And the turkey sandwiches on Friday!

    Store bought shortcuts. Dressing up store bought products is a great way to save time and impress guests. Add fresh garlic and parsley to boxed mashed potatoes. A store bought pumpkin pie looks great topped with homemade whipped cream, sprinkled graham cracker crumbs and a sprig of fresh mint.


    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Easy Thanksgiving Decor

    Thanksgiving is all about the food, so don’t let a fussy centerpiece steal the show. Consider these ideas to let the great American feast take center stage.

    Thankful notes. Use a butcher paper table runner and place colorful markers at each place setting. Ask your guests to write or draw what they are thankful for. In fact, ask them to do it before each course is served.

    Outside in. While you are whisking the gravy, ask your guests to take a nature walk down the block to collect fall foliage and acorns. Then they can place their treasures in a clear glass vase (or a few) on the table.

    Go nuts. Use your existing serving dishes, like a clear glass trifle bowl, and fill with whole walnuts. You can also layer with clementines to add a dash of bright orange color.

    Pumpkin redo. Use those leftover pumpkins from Halloween for a winter white tablescape. Just paint pumpkins in creamy white hues and you can even add gold glitter for a little sparkle.

    Whatever you choose to decorate your table, we’re certain the family, friends and food gracing your table will be the most memorable.

    Happy Holideals from Grocery Outlet!

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  • Breaking Out of the Dinner Rut: Goat Cheese & Apricot Preserve Appetizer

     Guest Post from The Coupon Project


    Normally, I don't try to spice things up at the dinner table with fancy cheese because it's so expensive! However, Grocery Outlet always surprises me by offering up gourmet cheese for ridiculously low prices. This has been true of all the locations I've had the pleasure of visiting.




    While at my local South Tacoma store recently, I stumbled upon such a cheese find. Check it out:


    DSCN0194 (759x800)


    It's a small log of honey-flavored goat cheese for just $1.99. Elsewhere, you'd expect to pay about twice that. As I've never cooked with goat cheese before, I thought this would be just the ticket for this month's Breaking out of the Dinner Rut post. After all, I have definitely fallen into a pattern of choosing the same basic cheeses over and over again. Why not let a Grocery Outlet steal spark a new culinary experience?




    While shopping - I bumped into my pal Christopher who works at Grocery Outlet. (He's actually the genius behind the Grocery Outlet YouTube Channel - make sure to check out their fun videos if you haven't already!). It turns out I was there during a wine tasting. How awesome is that?

    I mentioned the goat cheese to Christopher and he said he didn't much care for the stuff. But then he remembered an exception! He'd recently had an appetizer at a local restaurant which consisted of a crostini topped with dried fruit, pecans, and honey. I thought this sounded like excellent inspiration.

    So here's my version of that idea, frugal-ed up using Grocery Outlet ingredients!


    DSCN0402 (800x659)

    Goat Cheese and Apricot Preserve Appetizers


    • Crackers or appetizer-sized toast
    • Dried cranberries
    • Preserves of your choice - I selected apricot
    • Small log goat cheese

    DSCN0404 (800x652)


    Start by spreading a little of the preserves on your crackers. Now you could use those fancy little toasts or crostini if you want, but I found that plain old crackers worked just fine for this recipe.


    DSCN0406 (800x623)


    Next, spread a little of the goat cheese on top. You'll find that it may crumble a bit. Don't worry; it doesn't affect the flavor one bit.


    DSCN0405 (800x600)


    Can you believe you're almost done with this recipe?


    DSCN0408 (800x600)


    Finally, top with a few dried cranberries.


    DSCN0410 (600x800)

    That's it!


    DSCN0409 (800x600)


    I think they look pretty displayed on a cutting board with some sprigs of mint or other fresh herbs. (I had mint in my garden, so that's what I used!) You can serve this as a prelude to a light dinner alfresco, perhaps with some sparkling wine (make sure to check Grocery Outlet's wine department for fabulous prices there, too)!

    All told, I spent about $8 on the ingredients to make this recipe. I love that it's totally frugal but looks like I paid a lot more to make it.

    How were these?




    I think the results speak for themselves!

    Like this post? You might want to read the others in this series:

    Make sure to come back next month for another fun installment!

    Angela Russell blogs at The Coupon Project, a site that encourages families to live well for less. She lives in Tacoma, Washington with her firefighter husband and two small kids. In her spare time, she likes to read, garden, and has recently taken up canning.

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  • Shaping and Toning All Over Town

    Check out the latest from Chris as he strides all over town in his new Aspire Shaper sneakers (only $14.99 at Grocery Outlet!). These shoes use the same technology as Skechers Shape Ups to tone and firm your muscles as you walk. 

    Are you ready for the big game on Sunday? We have a bunch of super savings for your game time party!

    What resolutions have you been able to keep? Or have you broken them? It's okay! Just leave a comment below to tell us how you're doing.

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  • Party On!

    Chris gets his party on with festive ideas on how to save money on holiday entertaining.  He also previews our latest ad on Bargain TV.

    What's your favorite holiday song of all time? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  • The Bargainista's Guide to Holiday Entertaining

    This month is sure to hold holiday gatherings galore! It's the most wonderful time of the year to gather family and friends for a night of holiday merriment. So whether you are hosting or attending the festivities, use these ideas to help you enjoy the holiday party season without sacrificing your savings or your sanity.

    Simplify. Your friends and family don't expect a Martha Stewart-style soiree, so don't stress-out about making it elaborate. In fact, a casual and understated event will be a welcome respite from all the craziness of the holidays. But make sure the holiday tunes are plentiful!

    Skip the meal. Keep the focus on your friends, not the food. It's a great reason why you don't have to slave away in the kitchen all day to serve a full-on meal. Just two or three appetizers will do. Consider a weekend afternoon gathering with mulled wine, cheese and crackers.

    Salud! Add some holiday cheer to your party, but keep it limited to one or two choices, not a full bar. Serve just eggnog or just wine, but not both. Try our Novella Synergy Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon, just $4.99 per bottle (you save $7). And the kid revelers will enjoy toasting with our Martinelli's Northwest Blend Sparkling Apple Cider for just $1.79 per bottle (you save $1.90).

    Say Thanks. Certain holiday traditions never go out of style, like arriving at a holiday party with a gift for the gracious host/hostess. We suggest some gourmet chocolates like our Brown & Haley Candy Cane Roca for $2.99 (you save $2), or a festive 4” poinsettia for $4.99 (you save $4).

    Surely, you have your own budget-friendly party tips, and we'd love to hear them. How do you entertain during the holidays without blowing the budget?

    Happy Holidays from everyone at Grocery Outlet!


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  • Thanksgiving Bounty

    Grocery Outlet loves Thanksgiving because it's a holiday focused on family and food.  All year long, we are helping families save money so they can prepare bountiful meals for their families.  And we can't think of a more bountiful meal than Thanksgiving. Here are some ideas to help you save time and money as you prepare.

    Thanksgiving dinner

    Tips to Simplify Your Thanksgiving and Save Your Sanity:

    • Share a slice of the pie! Ask your guests to bring the dessert. Sometimes the cost of the desserts winds up being more expensive than the main event!
    • Ask visiting relatives to prepare breakfast that morning, so you can focus on the turkey.
    • Plan your menu and stick to your list. You’ll save money.
    • Quality over quantity. You don’t need seven vegetable sides and six pies. Really, you don't. Keep it simple.
    • Dice your fruits, vegetables and herbs for cooking the day before and place them in plastic bags or storage containers. Refrigerate until ready to use.
    • Fake it. Not everything needs to be made from scratch. Delicious cookies, desserts and candy can be bought pre-made.
    • Organize your grocery list by department to save time at the store. Shop your own cup- boards first to see what you already have.

    Then sit down and enjoy the American tradition of gathering your favorite people and sharing your gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Grocery Outlet!

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  • Season of Sanity Thanksgiving Menu

    We've got less than a week to Thanksgiving and we're here to help you Simplify the Season with our $3 Thanksgiving Menu. Check out the latest Bargain TV to help you save your money and your sanity!


    You can download the Thanksgiving menu that Christopher mentions in the video by clicking here: Download Thanksgiving Menu.

    What's your favorite holiday movie? Leave a comment below.

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  • Pledge to Simplify the Season

    Joy?  Peace?  Yeah, right.  It's easy for the holidays to become more stressful than joyful.  It’s time to stop the holiday insanity and get back to the basics.  At Grocery Outlet, we believe it's time to simplify the season.  Cut back on the extra stuff.  Be frugal with your time and money.  Avoid overstressing and overspending and you might actually enjoy the holidays.  Remember these tips to help you stay focused on what’s really important this season.

    Holiday Spread

    Tips to Simplify the Season
    - Get ready. Inventory your supplies early on. Get wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, stamps, boxes and pantry staples (such as sugar and flour) well in advance of the holidays. You may find discounted items when you’re not rushed.
    - Revisit family traditions. Think about holidays past. Which activities were most worth the effort? Focus on what makes you and your family happy and eliminate what doesn’t.
    - Don’t over-commit. You don’t need to say “yes” to every invitation. Save room in your schedule for things that might pop up.
    - Keep it simple. Don’t overdo the table settings and decorations. Your guests will enjoy themselves just as much even without a complicated, expensive centerpiece.
    - Focus on gifts from the heart. Give gifts that show your love—not the size of your wallet. Grandparents will likely value a photo album or a framed piece of children’s art far more than expensive presents.
    - Shop strategically. Sometimes the places that save you the most money might surprise you. We have a selection of toys, personal fragrance sets, home products, and other gift items that may fit someone on your list.

    Now, take this Simplify the Season Pledge by signing your name in the comments below.  Then embrace the joy!

    Simplify the Season Pledge
    I pledge to STOP the Holiday insanity.
    I will make every effort to simplify the Season.
    I will not stress out over decorating, wrapping, buying and baking.
    I will not buy thoughtless gifts.
    I will not over-commit my time.
    I will plan my schedule with free time to sip hot cocoa.
    I will enjoy the true spirit of the season – joy, peace, giving.

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  • Sporty Snacks and Healthy Choices

    Football season is well underway and whether you are a football fan or not, chances are that you'll be attending a football party in the coming weeks. Party wings, veggie trays, and quick and easy frozen items are just a few ways to make that party much more enjoyable!

    Check out this week's Bargain TV and let Christopher show you just some of the sporty snacks and healthy choices that you can bring to the next football party or weekend sporting event. You'lll save big on big brands at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

    Leave a comment and let us know which team is your team!

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  • Fall Family Meals

    Fall is full of bold, intense flavorful foods!  No matter whom you are cooking for or what type of dinner party you happen to throw, you should always be prepared to amaze your food critics.  We have a recipe for a rustic home dinner, a game day side dish, and an adorable fall dessert.  Enjoy!

    Sausage Ratatouille

    The classic French ratatouille is made by simmering eggplant with other vegetables and herbs. It's often served as a side or appetizer with bread, but our addition of Italian sausage turns it into a hearty meal for cooler months.

    Sausage Ratatouille

    3 to 4 links (about 3/4 pound) Italian sausage
    4 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 medium-size eggplant, peeled and cut into a 3/4-inch dice
    2 small zucchini, halved and sliced
    1 large onion, quartered and thinly sliced
    1 medium-size green bell pepper, halved, seeded, and sliced
    2 to 3 garlic cloves, minced
    2 cups canned diced tomatoes
    1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon tomato paste
    Salt and pepper
    2 tablespoons chopped fresh Italian parsley
    3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil

    1. Bring a medium-size pot of water to a boil. Puncture the sausage links in several places, then cook them at a low boil until they're no longer pink in the center, about 14 minutes. Transfer the links to a plate to cool, then slice them into 1/4-inch-thick rounds.
    2. Over medium-high heat, warm 3 tablespoons of the olive oil in a large, deep skillet or Dutch oven. Add the eggplant and zucchini and sauté them, stirring often, until they are lightly browned but not soft, about 7 minutes. Transfer the vegetables to a plate.
    In the same skillet over medium heat, warm the remaining olive oil. Add the onion and bell pepper and sauté them for 3 minutes. Stir in the garlic and sliced sausage and sauté, stirring often, for 3 minutes more. Stir in the tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini.
    Partially cover the skillet and gently simmer the ratatouille for 5 minutes. Add the tomato paste, along with salt and pepper to taste, and simmer 5 minutes more. Stir in the parsley and half of the basil. Serve hot, sprinkled with the remaining basil. Serves 6.

    Mini Football Subs
    You can expect a high number of interceptions when you pass these individual-size meatball sandwiches during halftime festivities.

    Mini Football Subs
    Spaghetti sauce
    Shredded Cheese
    Individual-size rolls

    1. To make a batch, first prepare your favorite meatball recipe, shaping each meatball into a mini football before cooking. Once they're cooked, add the meatballs to a skillet of spaghetti sauce and warm them through.
    2. For each sub, cut a V-shaped notch from the top of an individual-size roll, place a meatball in the roll, and top with cheese shred laces. Finally, get the sandwiches in a huddle on a cookie sheet and place them in a warm oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

    The Apple of Our Eye
    A cute cupcake dessert to bring to fall birthdays or grace the table at autumn parties.
    Apple of our Eye Cupcakes
    Cupcake batter
    Red frosting
    Red sugar sprinkles
    Tootsie Roll Midges
    Green Tootsie Fruit Roll
    White frosting

    1. Mix your favorite cupcake batter and divide it evenly among cupcake wells lined with red paper or silicone cups, filling each one about three-quarters full. Bake the cupcakes according to the recipe directions and let them cool.
    2. Carve a shallow, dime-size well in the top of each cupcake, then cover the tops with red frosting and coat them with red sugar sprinkles. Mold a small piece of a Tootsie Roll Midge into a stem shape. Form a leaf from a small piece of green Tootsie Fruit Roll, pinch it against the stem, then insert the stem into the cupcake.
    3. To make a bitten apple, spoon a small well from the side of the cupcake and line it with white frosting. Press tiny bits of Tootsie Roll Midge in place for seeds.


    All recipes courtesy of Disney's Family Fun website.

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  • Sneak Peek: Sequim

    Ever wondered what a store looks like before it's stocked and open for business?  Check out this Bargain TV vlog all about our Sequim, Washington location, slated to open today!

    Congratulations on your new store Mitch and Linda!  And if you're in Sequim, visit the store this Saturday for its Grand Opening Celebration!

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  • Picnic Time!

    Summertime is picnic time!  Watch our latest vlog on perfect picnic items at Grocery Outlet, and get a preview of our latest ad.

    What's your favorite picnic item? We'd love to know. Leave a comment and tell us!

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  • Oscar Party

    The Academy Awards are upon us and one of our favorite traditions is to host an inexpensive party while we watch the big show.  With a little creativity, you can have a fabulous fete for very little money.


    Oscar Statues


    Party Attire
    Let your guests know that dressing up is encouraged.  Break out any appropriate formal wear from the back of your closet. We've found many a retired prom dress or suit at thrift shops.  Cheap tiaras from the party store complete the look.

    A plain white tablecloth will add style to any setting.  Add a red runner down the center for that red carpet feel—if you can't find one, a wide red ribbon will have the same effect.  Write guests' names on gold stars and use them for place cards on the table.  Party stores will also probably stock some cheap Oscars decorations this time of year.

    Grocery Outlet has a wide array of party appetizers, snacks, and entrees. Fresh cut veggies and dip are always popular, as are fancy cheese and crackers, or heated appetizers from our frozen section. 

    Think about theming your food to the best picture nominees, or choosing your favorite film and making food in keeping with what the characters might eat: barbecue for True Grit, British fare for The King's Speech, or replicate the ballerina cake from Black Swan.

    Whatever you choose to do, top it off with a glass of sparkling wine or champagne from Grocery Outlet, and get ready to toast!

    Make ballots for celebrity party attire.  Who has the best dress?  Who has the weirdest look?  Who made the best joke?  Who had the best speech?  Worst speech?

    Prepare movie trivia for the commercial breaks to keep everyone entertained.  Give away fancy candy as prizes. 

    Make up your own awards as the night goes on, and put the names of the winners in fancy envelopes.  At the end of the night, announce who your winners are, and give guests prizes as they leave. 

    You're always a winner with us!

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  • Super Bowl Savings!

    Score your own Super Bowl victory with inexpensive party food from Grocery Outlet.  We’ve got a snack solution for each quarter, so stop in and get your best party line-up now!

    Pre-Game Planning
    Pop some of these great party appetizers and entrées into the oven before game time for a simple meal that feeds many.  We have Stouffer’s 94 oz Meat Lasagna for only $6.99!  It’s a wholesale size that comes packaged in a restaurant-style silver tray—super easy to heat and serve.

    Tender Bird chicken tenders
    You save $6!  Evergood Hot Links are only $6.99 for 2 lbs.  You save $2 on those.  Tender Bird Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins are fully cooked—just heat and serve!  They’re $6.99 for 3 lbs.  You save $4!

    Halftime Snackin’
    For halftime, you need something quick so you can catch the entertainment.  Kettle Potato Chips are a delicious, all natural, hearty chip that holds up under serious dip.  We have 14 oz bags in assorted varieties for $2.99.  You save $2.  Delicioso 5 Layer Dip is only $3.99 for a 30 oz tub.  We also have 16 oz Casa de Rosas salsa or 10 oz Cabo Fresh Guacamole for $1.99.  You save up to $3 on either.  Yum!

    There are many more extreme values and incredible bargains at Grocery Outlet, so check out your local store.  Shop us first. Get more.

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  • Superbowl Appetizers!

    Whether you're a Packers or a Steelers fan, try out one of these fun, easy recipes for game time noshing—all of which you can make with ingredients you can find at your local Grocery Outlet store!

    Spinach Dip

    10 ounces frozen chopped baby spinach
    16 ounces sour cream
    1 cup mayonnaise
    8 ounces cream cheese
    1 package onion soup mix
    1/2 cup green onion, celery and white onion
    1 tablespoon garlic, minced

    1. Combine all ingredients and chill about 1 hour.
    2. Serve with your favorite cracker or chip of choice.


    Spinach Dip


    Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

    2 pounds fresh mushrooms, washed and drained
    12 sausage patties
    1/2 envelope onion soup mix
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    2 tablespoons chopped parsley
    1/2 teaspoon dried sage

    1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
    2. Remove mushroom stems from caps; chop stems; set aside both caps and chopped stems.
    3. Prepare sausage according to package directions; drain and crumble.
    4. In a large bowl, combine sausage, chopped mushroom stems, onion soup mix, oil, parsley and sage; mix well.
    5. Heap mixture into mushroom caps.
    6. Scantly cover the bottom of a shallow baking pan with water.
    7. Arrange mushrooms with filling on top.
    8. Cover and bake at 350°F for 40 minutes.
    9. Remove cover and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

    Tip: For advance preparation, filled mushroom caps can be frozen.

    Enjoy! Who do you think will win?

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