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  • Frugal Friday Halloween Finds

    Halloween is right around the corner and we've got spooky savings on all your favorite Halloween products!  I found these all at the store today as I was looking for the latest in Grocery Outlet bargains.


     Nestle Halloween Candy

    Nestle Assorted Big Bag candy is $6.99.  You save $1.00 on Crunch, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth fun size bars.


    Mini Snickers


    Snickers Minis are $4.99 for a big bag.  You save $2!  Did you know that Snickers is the most popular candy among tricker treaters?  It is according to online polls!



     We also have Halloween decorations for inside and outside your home and a beautiful selection of fall chrysanthemums to complement all the fall color.






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  • Organic and Specialty Friday Frugal Finds

    Today I toured our organic and specialty foods aisle to see what we've got in stock.  It's been on my mind as I work on edible press kits at Grocery Outlet HQ.  We send out these kits to the media to alert them to our current news and extreme bargain products.  Think of this post as your personal edible press kit—except you can't eat it, unless you hit the store and pick up some of these great products.


    Annie's Mac & Cheese 99 cents


    Annie's is the gold standard when it comes to healthy and natural groceries.  They source their ingredients from sustainable farmers, and all of their packaging has some recycled content and is recyclable itself.  You can read more about their sustainability practices here.


    Nutella only $2.99 at Grocery Outlet!


    If you like nuts and chocolate and haven't tried Nutella yet, you should.  It's fantastic, and super delicious on waffles, pancakes, and crepes.  I like it with bananas too.  It's only $2.99 when you buy it at Grocery Outlet.


    Agave Nectar at Grocery Outlet


    Agave Nectar is the hottest natural sweetener right now.  Low on the glycemic index, it won't spike your blood sugar, plus it dissolves quickly, making it ideal for tea and coffee and other liquids.  It has a clean, sweet, slightly herbal flavor.  I like it a lot and was surprised to find it at GO.


    Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce at Grocery Outlet


    Muir Glen organic pasta sauce is a great find.  These guys are masters at all things tomato.  It will give a little zing to your pasta, and at 2 for $5, you can afford to try something new.


    Imagine Organic Beef Broth


    Making any soups or stews this autumn?  I love French Onion Soup, and I used Imagine broth to make it.  Their flavors are rich and delicious, and I don't think you can find this cheaper anywhere else.  I'm stocking up because I know I'll use a lot of broth in my holiday cooking.  I know we have the chicken broth available too; I found it last week.


    Newman's Own pretzels at Grocery Outlet


    I still miss Paul Newman.  He was a great guy and a stellar philanthropist. We have his pretzel thins in stock at only 2/$3.  That's a great price for an excellent item, plus when you buy a Newman's Own item, all proceeds go to charity.  That's pretty amazing if you think about it.  The Newman's Own Foundation has donated over $300 million dollars to different charities since 1982.  We're thrilled to be able to carry Newman's Own products.


    Tea Pear


    Last but not least is a newcomer: Ito-En.  Ito-En makes wonderful tea products.  My favorite is Tea Apple, but I tried Tea Pear today and it was very good—light, crisp, and refreshing.  It's a mix of white tea and pear juice, so it's naturally sweet

    That wraps it up for me this week.  Stay fresh, stay frugal.

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  • Friday Frugal Finds

    I'd like to introduce a new series of posts—Friday Frugal Finds.  Every Friday, I'm going to check out our Berkeley store (it's downstairs from Grocery Outlet HQ) and tell you about my favorite finds.  These may not always be the best finds in the store at the moment, and they may not be in every single store, but I want you to get an informal glimpse each week of what's going on at Grocery Outlet.

    This week, I found myself totally taken in by the Health and Beauty Care aisle, largely due to this product:

    Tavist Allergy Medication


    This is Tavist, and it's awesome.  It's one of the only allergy medications that clears up my husband's bad sinuses.  Unfortunately, the drugstores around us don't carry it (my husband jokes that is because it actually works).  I was so beyond thrilled to find it downstairs, I can't even tell you.  And at only $2.99, this is a bargain you can't afford to miss.


    I really love organic beauty care.  I dig the other stuff too, but I like the idea that I'm doing something good for the environment, and saving money by buying my beauty products at Grocery Outlet.  Shikai is one of the brands I love because my skin is always super soft, and their products smell really yummy.  I especially like the Yuzu scent.  Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit that's a lot like a cross between a mandarin orange and a grapefruit.  It smells delicious: kind of citrusy and sweet at the same time.


    Shikai & Goat's Milk


    This product retails for $2.99, which is a great deal for an organic product.  I've found the Shikai elsewhere for $7.99, sometimes $8.99, so I can testify that you do save $5 when you buy it with us. The goat's milk lotion is supposed to be great.  I haven't tried it personally, but it gets rave reviews in the office.


    Tom's of Maine


    We've got a bunch of Tom's of Maine organic and natural oral care in stock right now.  Tom's of Maine is a brand of natural care products that are made without artificial ingredients and without animal testing.  Their fluoride toothpastes are the only natural alternatives to earn the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance.


     Olay Definity


    This is the best deal I saw: Olay Definity 14 Day Rehabilitation kit for $12.99.  How cool—you can reverse the signs of aging for less than $1 a day!  Plus, you save $17—you save more than you spend on this product. I love it when that happens!

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  See you next week!

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