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  • 20% off Wine Sale!

    For 5 days only, all wine at Grocery Outlet is 20% off!  Our prices are already 40-70% off regular store retails, so you can save an additional 20% during the sale, Wednesday November 6th - Sunday, November 10th!

    Also, save with us when you buy your Thanksgiving turkey at Grocery Outlet. Spend a minimum of $30, and get a 14-16 lb frozen turkey for just $9.99!


    20% off All Wine

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  • Giving Back on a Budget

    As July winds down, so will our company-wide “Independence from Hunger” food drive on July 31. So far, our loyal and community-conscious customers have collectively donated almost $275,000 in cash and food donations — all of which will go directly back into their local communities to help those in need.

    While the “Independence from Hunger” campaign may be coming to end, the need of those in your community may not. Making a difference in the lives of those around you doesn’t have to cost money or even much time. You can donate kindness and compassion in many ways, on a daily basis. Below are five cost-free suggestions to give back to the community — starting today!
    • Smile! You never know who might be in need of it. It’s so easy to fall into a mentality of “you versus the world,” and you might forget that those around you are most likely feeling the same pressure or stress you are feeling. A smile can remind a stranger that they’re not alone and that we’re all in this together. You can even take it a step further — like opening a door for someone, or giving a compliment.  
    • Attend a local event and spread the word. Local events like festivals, fairs and fundraisers are usually free to attend, and the money that is spent there will stay in your community. Spreading the word to friends about the great things going on in your neighborhood will encourage them to stay in town and shop locally — promoting growth and benefiting everyone.
    • Grab a box and give. You’d be surprised to know what good your old, forgotten things might do to those who need them. Call your local schools and shelters and find out what the guidelines are for donating. On the bonus side, donating your unwanted items will also help de-clutter and simplify your life, making you a happier person with extra kindness to give.
    • Walk with a purpose. Take a walk around your block with a garbage bag. Picking up litter will help beautify your neighborhood, while at the same time, boosting your energy. Plus, if you’re neighbors catch a glimpse of your good will, it might inspire them to give back as well.
    • Reach out and research. Whether it’s once a week or once a year, take some time out of your schedule to reach out to local services and ask what they might need from you. There’s guaranteed to be at least one cause in your local community in need of your time. Small things like collecting cans, reading to children or cleaning up local parks don’t cost anything, but can change everything.

    Independence from Hunger

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  • Go Green Bag!

    We're excited to announce our Go Green Bag Contest on Instagram!  You see, we think the Earth is pretty fantastic and we bet you do too.  In honor of Earth Month, we're inviting you to submit your designs for the front of the bag on Instagram using the hash tag #GoGreenBag.  Every entry will be entered to win a $100 Grocery Outlet Gift Card.

    Please read below for the official rules.  We can't wait to see your designs!

    Contest Rules!

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  • Our Top Picks for the 2012 Wine Sale!

    Hi, I’m Carol, Assistant Wine Buyer for Grocery Outlet.  Are you excited about this year’s November Wine Sale? I know I am! Starting this Wednesday, November 7th, it runs for 5 days until Sunday, November 11th.  During the sale, all stores will have a 20% discount off on every bottle! With this discount added to Grocery Outlet’s everyday low prices, you can save from 40-70% off what you’d pay at a conventional store.

    Our team has been working hard to stock up your local stores with great wines to give you the best variety and quality.  Here are my two top favorite recommendations:

    Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Extra Dry Sparkling ($5.99 retail, sells elsewhere at $11.99)—I helped host a bridal shower for my dear friend who was getting married two weeks ago. I decided to pick up a bottle of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Extra Dry Sparkling Wine at my local Grocery Outlet to make Bellinis & Mimosas. Boy, was it a hit! The wine had a perfect hint of sweetness, with aromas of crisp orchard fruit and honeysuckle.

    You don’t have to make Bellinis or Mimoas with Woodbridge like I did, because it also tastes great alone and pairs well with Asian appetizers, creamy cheeses, spicy dishes like Thai curry, or custard desserts such as panna cotta with fresh berries. Pop open a bottle to enhance everyday events, or whenever a little celebrating is in order.

    Mondavi Woodbridge

    Let’s step away from the sparkling and go into the red wine category.  If you are a fan of Cabernets then I’ve got the perfect wine for you.

    Mazzocco Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon ($12.99 CA, $13.99 all other states; sells elsewhere for $29.99)—Mazzocco Sonoma winery is very well known and is located in Healdsburg, CA (the heart of Sonoma County wine country). They are so renowned that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invited them to the Department of State to join the Diplomatic Culinary Partnership.  Mazzocco Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon also received the Gold Medal at the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

    Aromas of cassis, cacao and forest floor lead to a plush mid-palate impression having dark chocolate, allspice and black licorice notes.  It’s the quality you'd expect from a Cabernet. For a Gold Medal winner, a $12.99 retail price when it drinks like a $25-50 bottle is a very impressive wine.


    Be sure to take advantage of our wine selection during the wine sale!  For 5 days only, all of your favorite wines could be yours at 20% off!  Or you might take the chance to try something new.  At these prices, you can afford to!

    Cheers from Grocery Outlet!

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  • Sam the Cooking Guy and Grocery Outlet

    We like to partner with local chefs and experts to illustrate how you can use the bargains you find at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in your everyday life.  We've been honored to work with Sam the Cooking Guy, whose take on easy, affordable cuisine is one we greatly admire.

    A little about Sam
    Sam Zien, known as Sam the Cooking Guy, is a Canadian-born television cook (not a classically trained chef) and author, based in San Diego, California. His show, Sam the Cooking Guy, started on local television stations before moving to a Fox affiliate and thence to Discovery Health. He has won multiple Emmy awards, including one for an episode on Jewish cuisine. Zien started his television career doing travel shows, but reconsidered after the World Trade Center attack. in the decade following Zien has taken his television cooking show on the road, producing multiple shows across the world in places like Hong Kong, Fiji, New Zealand and Vancouver. (from Wikipedia.  For more about Sam, check out his bio here.)

    Sam the Cooking Guy
    Source: Sam the Cooking Guy

    Grocery Outlet
    Sam agreed to partner with us in launching our East Village San Diego location.  He cooked for a couple of events we hosted at that store, and in the process, created these five videos for us about the amazing values he found at Grocery Outlet, checking out the deals by scanning them on his phone.  He even made some spicy steak and corn soft tacos.  Check out our videos below for more.

    Sam the Cooking Guy - Introduction

    Sam the Cooking Guy - Prices

    Sam the Cooking Guy - NOSH (Natural, Organic, Specialty, Healthy)

    Sam the Cooking Guy - Wine & Beer

    Sam the Cooking Guy - Sam Cooks Spicy Steak and Corn Soft Tacos

    Thank you Sam, for showing us you can make a healthy and delicious dinner easily and inexpensively, by shopping and saving at Grocery Outlet!

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  • 2012 Bobbleheads!

    Back by popular demand!  Introducing our 2012 Second Edition Bobbleheads!
    Last year, we launched our bobblehead promotion with our frugal friends, Ben, Tammy, Doug, and Lois.  It was so popular that we brought it back for 2012, but with all-new, limited 2nd edition bobbleheads!


     2012 Bobbleheads

    Next week, we’ll be releasing the 2012 Ben Saven, but in the meantime, we wanted to give you a little preview and instructions on how you can take home your own FREE bobbleheads.

    Here’s how:
    With every $25 purchase*, you will earn a Bobble Buck on your cash register receipt.  Collect FIVE Bobble Bucks and receive a FREE bobblehead.
    *Excludes alcohol and gift card purchases.

    • Limited to stock on hand
    • Sorry, no rainchecks
    • Limit of 4 per character per customer
    • Not available on commercial sales
    • Maximum 20 Bobble Bucks per transaction

    We got extra this year so we wouldn’t run out as quickly, but our bobble friends are available for a limited time only, so be sure to stop in to get yours as they are released!

    Ben Saven – available October 8th
    Tammy Underspend – available October 22nd
    Doug – available November 5th
    Lois Prices – available November 19th

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  • $4-A-Day Challenge: Steve

    Steve Wilson is our VP of Purchasing.  He supervises all our buyers that make product decisions every day.  He's doing the $4-A-Day Challenge along with all of our executives, and wrote up how he's doing the challenge for us. 


     Steve Wilson, VP at Grocery Outlet


    Here’s his meal plan and shopping breakdown for the week:

    Day 1
    I did my shopping for the week and here’s what I bought:
    Jumbo eggs (12ct) - $1.39
    Lettuce - $0.99
    Green grapes - $1.99
    Tuna (2) - $0.79 ea
    FMI Chicken Breast 4# - $6.99 (12-14, 4-5z pieces/bag) 
    Tomatoes (2) - $0.50
    Naked Juice, 32 oz - $1.99 +crv
    Total - $16.03                

    For Day 1, I had free coffee for breakfast and a huge salad with chopped chicken for lunch.  $1.99 combined for breakfast and lunch.


    Day 2
    Dinner last night was 2 chicken breast, salad and 20 grapes...needless to say my stomach was on empty this morning, but I only spent $1.60.

    Breakfast was 3 jumbo scrambled eggs, 18 grapes and 8 oz of strawberry banana Naked Juice. Did you know that 32 oz has 47 strawberries, 3 bananas, 3 1/2 apples and a hint of orange?  All of that was $1.04.

    Lunch will be a can of tuna with a chopped hardboiled egg, lettuce and 20 grapes for $1.09.

    I also bought today:
    Bag of carrots                $1.29
    Roma Tomatoes (2)            $.40
    So far total spent for the week        $17.72

    Dinner: 3 chicken breast, lettuce and tomato salad 5 mini carrots and 6 grapes. $2.20


    Day 3
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 chicken breast, 12 grapes and 4 oz of Naked Juice. $1.15

    Lunch will be left over tuna with chopped hardboiled egg, 1 roma tomato, 4 mini carrots and lettuce. $1.36

    Bought today:
    Roma tomatoes (2)                $.80
    Nectarine    (1)                $.33
    So far total spent for the week            $18.85

    Dinner: 2.5 chicken breast, lettuce and tomato salad, 2 mini carrots and 9 grapes. $1.82.


    Day 4

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and 1/2 a Roma tomato, 3 oz of Naked Juice and 10 grapes. $.90

    Lunch will be tuna...again! If anyone wants to try the FMI chicken breast I have one for sale at $.70. Really good but after 4 days I need something different.

    Dinner TBD.  

    The hardest part is variety.  It’s really tough to eat the same stuff day in and day out.

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  • $4-A-Day Challenge: Melissa

    We're kicking off our $4-A-Day Challenge week with a personal account of weekly grocery shopping from Melissa Porter, VP of Marketing at Grocery Outlet.

    I did my shopping today for the $4-A-Day Challenge. I found some great buys at Grocery Outlet that will make it possible for me to eat pretty well this week:  2.5 pounds of Foster Farms boneless skinless chicken breasts for $5.99. That's six or seven nice servings of high-quality protein. Another great buy was a big pack of Campari Tomatoes for only $1.50 and also a BIG pack of Romaine Lettuce also for only $1.50.  So my meals this week will be:

    • Oatmeal, $0.20
    • Polish sausage, $0.35
    • Sauerkraut, $0.40
    • Salad, $0.70
    • Apple, $0.50
    • Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry, $1.50 
    • Apple Cinnamon Snack Bar, $0.16

    Total for the day = $3.81

    I know I will want a pre-bedtime snack and the apple cinnamon snack bars were only 6 for $0.99.  I hope they're pretty good, because if not, I'm stuck with them!

    Wish me luck!

    Melissa takes the challenge!

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  • Meet our Winner!

    This is Misty Penmen, of Hemet, California.  Misty won the Grand Prize in our Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes of the Ford Fiesta car.  She opted to take the prize money instead of the car.  Here she is, holding her check.

    Congratulations Misty!

    Misty Penmen, winner of the Ford Fiesta Sweepstakes!


     Thanks to all who entered, and good luck next time!

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  • Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes!

    We're happy to announce our Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes, where you can enter to win a 2012 Ford Fiesta and several other great prizes!  Celebrate with us by entering our contest—click here to get started:

    Enter Fan Fiesta Contest!

    Fan Fiesta Puppets



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  • Bargain TV: Wine Sale Reviews

    Wow! 20% off every bottle in the store! It only happens twice a year and the time is now. Watch this week's Bargain TV as Christopher reviews just 3 of the hundreds of different wines available at our Big Wine Event.

    So, thoughts on Chris's beard? Or your favorite wine? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Semi-Annual Wine Sale!

    Starting tomorrow, March 7th, wine is 20% off at Grocery Outlet!  For 5 days only, from March 7th-11th, all wine company-wide is 20% off.  With this discount added to Grocery Outlet’s everyday low prices, you can save from 40-70% off what you’d pay conventionally.  Come in and stock up!


    20% off Wine Sale

    And here are some tasting notes on some great wines we currently have in stock to give you some ideas on what to get during the sale:

    The 2008 Renwood “Red Label” Barbera displays aromas of black currant and cola. On the palate, the wine has more tannin than we normally see in a Barbera, with a smooth core of dark fruit flavors, and crisp acidity—this varietal’s signature trait.  A finish that lingers, with flavors of plum and cassis, balances the wine.  
    Grocery Outlet price: $3.99
    With 20% off discount: $3.19
    Save $5.80—65% off the retail price!   

    The Bixler Vineyards Union Island Red Table Wine exhibits rich, ripe, forward fruit, with flavors of ripe cherries, plums and berries, with a hint of French oak. This hearty wine is very approachable, pairing nicely with most any grilled red meat, sausages, winter stews or soups, pizza or marinara pasta dishes.
    Grocery Outlet price: $2.99
    With 20% off discount: $2.39
    You save $7.60—76% off the retail price!

    The Bixler Vineyards Union Island White Table Wine smells of citrus, with rich, ripe fruit and flavors of grapefruit and a hint of banana. No oak was used during aging, allowing the ripe fruit to be fully expressed in the finished wine.  This white wine blend will complement grilled chicken, pasta with pesto or white sauce, or any fish dish.
    Grocery Outlet price: $2.99
    With 20% off discount: $2.39
    You save $7.60—76% off the retail price!

    If you’re a chocolate lover, the best wine to drink with chocolate is chocolate wine!  Recommended by The Seattle Times, Chocolate Shop Red Wine is a deep, ruby red wine blended with rich, velvety chocolate. Inviting aromas of black cherry and dark chocolate combine in the glass and continue on the palate surrounded by hints of cocoa powder.  
    Grocery Outlet price: $9.99
    With 20% off discount: $7.99
    You save $7—47% off the retail price!

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  • Bargain TV: What to Get your Valentine

    This Valentine's Day, we've got you covered at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Let Christopher show you all of the great deals that you can pick up for your sweetheart without causing heartache for your wallet!

    What are you planning for your valentine? What's the best valentine you've ever received?

    Assignment time: what's your favorite chick flick? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Crock-Pot Cook Off!

    With the chillier weather, Crock-Pot recipes are high in demand.  In our latest episode of Bargain TV, Chris announces the winning Crock-Pot recipe from last week's contest (which we're posting below). Also, look for sneak peeks of Doug the bobblehead and Chris's favorite wine picks for our upcoming 20% Wine Sale!

    Jeana's Winning Crock Pot Recipe

    1 & 1/2 lbs meat (usually ground beef) of your choice from the fresh Grocery Outlet Meat Case
    1 yellow onion
    2-3 carrots or bag of GO baby carrots
    2 large russet potatoes
    2 cups beef or chicken broth
    1 cup water (or red wine)
    2 cans kidney beans
    splash of Lea and Perrins
    salt and pepper to taste

    1. Cut up veggies and meat into sizeable chunks, throw in the crockpot
    2. Add liquid ingredients and beans
    3. Add salt and pepper
    4. Cook for 4(high)-8(low) hours (the longer it cooks, the better the flavor!)
    5. Enjoy!

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  • Tammy's Special Savings

    A little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n roll, Tammy Underspend is introduced in Christopher's latest Bargain TV video.  If you haven't met Tammy yet, you should know that she's a mom, a bargain hunter, and a great singer.  Check out Chris's latest video for more on Tammy, and the bargains you'll find this week at Grocery Outlet.


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  • Ben Saven's Favorite Deals

    Watch Bargain TV to catch some exciting grocery finds inspired by Ben Saven and learn how you can get free Bobbleheads while supplies last. When they're gone, they're...don't be the one left out!

    What great deals have you found at Grocery Outlet today?

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  • October Ad and the Bobblehead Debut

    In this edition of Bargain TV, Christopher reviews the October ad and introduces our puppet bobbleheads.  Enjoy!

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  • Silverdale Grand Opening!

    Check out Bargain TV featuring the newest Grocery Outlet store in Silverdale, WA. Ben Saven made a special appearance to celebrate the Grand Opening!

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  • Sneak Peek: Sequim

    Ever wondered what a store looks like before it's stocked and open for business?  Check out this Bargain TV vlog all about our Sequim, Washington location, slated to open today!

    Congratulations on your new store Mitch and Linda!  And if you're in Sequim, visit the store this Saturday for its Grand Opening Celebration!

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  • Summer Freshtival

    This weekend, August 5th-7th, it will be Freshtival time again at Grocery Outlet! What’s Freshtival you ask? It’s our celebration of all things fresh and delicious. Right now at Grocery Outlet, 2 lb bags of Nectarines are only 99 cents! And nice big Cantaloupes are just 99 cents each! Plus, lots and lots more extreme bargains on fresh produce at Freshtival time at Grocery Outlet.

    So come in this weekend and check out Freshtival. See how you can save on all things fresh!


    August Freshtival



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