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Time to Grill!

Cookin’ Good Boneless  Skinless Chicken BreastsNew York SteaksMemorial Day weekend might be over, but there are still great deals for your grills at Grocery Outlet! New York Steak is just $5.99 per lb. in a Family Pack.  You save up to $3 per lb.  Also good on the grill is chicken—Cookin’ Good Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are just $3.49 for 2 lbs in our freezer.  You save $2.50.  Thaw, marinate, and grill!

Monterey Farms Chunk cheeseIf you’re making cheeseburgers, you’re in luck!  This week, we have a $2 off coupon on Monterey Farms 2 lb Chunk Cheese.  Normally, this cheese is $6.99, but you’ll pay just $4.99 with the coupon! print it out, and to take to the store.  Granny Goose BBQ Potato Chips Then, add some bacon!  Spring Hill Bacon is just $2.49 for 1 lb in the deli.  You save $2.50.  A 64 oz bottle of Del Monte Ketchup is only $2.99.  You save a buck!  And top it all off with Granny Goose BBQ Potato Chips.  We have a $1 off coupon on a 24 oz bag.  You’d normally pay $4.99, but with the coupon, it’s just $3.99 print it out, and to take to the store.

Take It Outdoors and Save!

Dine al fresco this summer and save big!  We have a $10 off coupon for your choice of either a 12 ft. Hexagon Gazebo, Bond 11 ft. Umbrella, or Bond Wood Burning Fire Pit!  Any one or all of these great items would make a stunning addition to your yard or patio and you can enjoy outdoor seating while you grill.  print it out, and to take to the store.

Patio Accesories

And that’s not all!  Click to your ad to see all the other great everyday deals we have at Grocery Outlet. 

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