Dennis and Vicki Baker have been operating the Grocery Outlet in Yakima, Washington since 1999. Vicki’s mother has been a raving fan of Grocery Outlet ever since she can remember. In fact, she loved Grocery Outlet so much she didn’t just shop there, she and her husband operated one in Orland, California in 1981,  As soon as Vicki was old enough, she began working in the store as a cashier. When her parents opened the store in Yakima, (on Ranch Rite Road) Vicki followed them/  Dennis also worked for Grocery Outlet, but in Portland, OR.  They met, were married and entered the Operator training program.  When her parents retired in 1999 Dennis and Vicki were ready to be Operators the proud operators of Yakima Grocery Outlet.  The store relocated to the current location on 1st Street in 2003.

Dennis and Vicki are very involved with their community. Throughout the year, they participate in events that fund youth education, donate to families in need, and help people who are ill. For their local school, Dennis and Vicki host several fundraisers that pay for after-school programs and youth seminars. Twice a year, Dennis and Vicki also participate in the Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon which is an event that raises money for Children’s Hospitals around the world. The couple also donates to the Union Gospel Mission, St. Jude Hospital, and Yakima’s Habitat for Humanity. They have even come up with a few of their own ways to contribute! Since Dennis and Vicki are baseball fans, every time a player on the local Yakima Bears Minor League Baseball team hits the ball, they donate five dollars to a different nonprofit organization. Dennis and Vicki feel honored to support their community and are always looking for ways to touch the lives around them.

The Baker’s would like to thank everyone for allowing them to be a part of the Yakima community. The Yakima Grocery Outlet is not only a great place to find bargains, but also excellent customer service and fun! Dennis and Vicki say, “Our store changes everyday—so fresh, new, exciting bargains welcome you every time you come in!”