Introducing Mike Dilibero, the manager of the Grocery Outlet in Redwood City, California. Mike has been a part of the Grocery Outlet team since 1992. After a mutual friend introduced Mike to Grocery Outlet, he was hired at the store in Berkeley, California. Working up through the ranks, he was promoted to head clerk and then on to operator. Mike operated the Grocery Outlet in Vallejo from 1999 until 2003, after which he decided to become manager of his current store in Redwood City.

Mike loves managing his own store and values all of his customer interactions. In his effort to give back to the community, Mike donates to Habitat for Humanity, the local Boys and Girls Club, and many other local non-profit organizations. He supports to nearby shelters and also offers discounts to senior citizens a few days out of the month.

Mike wants to everybody to know that his clean store, filled with friendly workers and grateful shoppers, will provide an experience you will never forget!