Tony and Tina Slyter are dual-store operators of the King City and Newberg Grocery Outlets. Tony and Tina have been operators at the store since 2008. After Grocery Outlet Inc. recruited the couple, the two assessed the opportunity and realized Grocery Outlet was the perfect chance for them to make independent decisions regarding their own business.

Tony and Tina love the fact that they are able to give back to their community through Grocery Outlet. The store is a huge sponsor of the local schools, churches, and food banks, which give to the less fortunate.

Tony and Tina take responsibility for helping the less fortunate. Recently, a homeless man walked into their store and stole soap and razor blades. Tony caught up with the man outside of the store and took the time to talk with him and listen to the struggles he was going through. After that, Tony took the man inside and bought him the soap and razors. The man cried at the couple’s kindness and their desire to help.

It is actions like this that set Tony and Tina’s store apart from the rest. They want every customer to know that their shopping experience is going to be unforgettable and that once they walk into their Grocery Outlet, they are family.