Welcome Jeff and Jackie Hansen, the operators of the Grocery Outlet located in Lakeport, California. Jeff and Jackie were recruited online, and began training as operators in 2002. They operated the store in Glendale, Arizona for a year before taking the store in Lakeport in 2003. They are extremely grateful to have operated the store thus far and hope to serve the community for many more years.

Jeff and Jackie love the impact their prices have on the customers. Jackie remembers one day when a lady approached her office in tears. Jackie did not know what was wrong but she embraced the woman and gave her a seat. After a moment the lady held back her tears and told Jackie thank you. This was the first time she had shopped at the Lakeport Grocery Outlet and the first time she had ever had enough money left over after buying the groceries to get her children a special treat. Jackie was touched by the woman’s grace and was so happy she could touch the woman’s and the children’s lives.

Jeff and Jackie’s store is a huge support throughout the community. They donate to the Redwood Children’s Center, the local senior centers, the Catholic charities, and the 4-H organization. Also, for Jeff and Jackie schools always come first and they sponsor everything they can that involves education throughout Lakeport.

Jeff and Jackie’s daughter is one of the managers in the store. She aspires to one day operate a Grocery Outlet of her own or to partner up with her father in operating the Lakeport location. Along with their hardworking employees, the family is joyful to serve the community of Lakeport. Jeff and Jackie would like everyone to know: “If you don’t shop Grocery Outlet first, you need to! We can definitely save you money!”