Say hello to Woody Woodbury, the operator of Grocery Outlet located in Florence, Oregon. Woody has been operating this store since 2004. Woody worked at Albertsons for many years before his best friend introduced him to Grocery Outlet. He has been working with the company ever since. 

What Woody enjoys most about operating his own store is the ability it gives him to participate in his local community. He’s currently involved in donating to all the surrounding food banks, monthly Adoptathon for the Humane Society, and sponsoring various other non-profit organizations. He even recently stocked eight houses full of food as part of his participation Habitat for Humanity! For four years Woody and his Grocery Outlet have gained national recognition for participation in Taylor Graham's Read-For-The-Need Program.  When Taylor Graham was 7 years old he came up with the idea to sell used books to buy food for the hungry. With the help of family, church and friends he collected books from the residents in the City of Florence, Oregon then held a book sale to raise funds to buy the food.  He hoped to raise $500 but instead raised over $4,000 the first year.  In 3 years time his program has raised over $29,000 which purchased 38,000 pounds of food for the Florence Food Share. Grocery Outlet hosts the "Kart Derby" where contributors shop the store in a fast-pasted race. Woody and his team are very proud of supporting Taylor and his event annually.

From his heart, Woody would like to thank all of his customers for making it possible for him to continue operating. To everyone else, Woody wants you to come visit him in his store. He knows you will enjoy shopping and love his deals even more!