Say hello to Mike and Mary Barber, the operators of the Grocery Outlet located in Eureka, California. Back in 1983, Grocery Outlet opened in Eureka. Mary, being skeptical, wanted to see if the store had the fresh product it promised. She walked into the store and bought a bag of Cheez-It crackers and went to her car. She sat down, opened the bag and to her surprise, the crackers were really fresh. She then got out of her car, walked back in the store, and applied for a job. She was a manager in Eureka for 18 years, with Mike helping in the store on the weekends. Then in 1997, Mike decided he wanted to work full-time for the company and the two began training to become operators. After Mike and Mary operated stores in both Mesa, Arizona, and Kent, Washington, before they were finally able to come home in 2002 to their store in Eureka.

Along with both of their sons who are managers, Mike and Marry do everything they can to make their customers happy and contribute to the community of Eureka. They currently donate to Socks for Soldiers, Food for People, The Salvation Army, Walk for Hope, and Toys for Tots. They also support many organizations for children, domestic violence victims, fire-fighters, and the police force.

Some people would think Mike and Mary donate too much but the couple feels they are fortunate to be able to touch the lives of others. One of their favorite memories is when Mary was able to fulfill a life-long dream: to give-away a car. They held a contest a month before Valentine’s Day encouraging people to come shop and have a chance to win a car. When the winner was drawn on Valentine’s Day, Mike and Mary could not have been happier. The lady who won the car had been walking three miles out of town to work every day because her own car had broken down. She broke down into tears and Mike and Mary were so grateful that they could to give that hardworking lady what she deserved.

Mike and Mary are dedicated to being there for the Eureka community. They are happy to be able to contribute more than just their incredible bargains. To all of their customers they would like to say, “Thank you for supporting us so we can continue to support you.”