Ken Admire and Shallyn Moore are the operators of the Elk Grove Grocery Outlet. Both have been in the grocery business as long as they can remember. Ken started his career by working in his father’s stores. He began as a courtesy clerk and was quickly promoted through the ranks, becoming one of the youngest managers in his company. On a trip in northern California visiting his great grandparents, Ken happened to visit the Elk Grove Grocery Outlet. It was then that Ken met his future wife, the Health and Beauty Manager, Shallyn Moore.

Shallyn was originally a manager at a restaurant in Stockton. After a successful stint, she decided the restaurant industry wasn’t for her, and opted to follow in her own father’s footsteps in the grocery business, by applying to work at the Elk Grove Grocery Outlet. Shallyn was hired as the Health and Beauty Manager.

The couple decided to pursue training with Grocery Outlet after watching Ken’s parents open the Midtown Sacramento Grocery Outlet.  The opportunity arose for them to own the store where they first fell in love, and after applying, they were awarded the Elk Grove location in November of 2011.

Ken and Shallyn are thrilled to be back home amongst their family, friends and community. Owning the Elk Grove Grocery Outlet is truly a dream come true. They are excited to begin supporting local charities, organizations, and food banks. Next time you’re in, be sure to say “Hello” to Ken and Shallyn!  They would be happy to introduce themselves to their valued customers.