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From The Oregonian (Portland, OR):

Hollywood Grocery Outlet
By Leslie Cole

OK, so maybe we’re the last to know. But we can’t stop talking about Grocery Outlet’s Hollywood District store in Northeast Portland, which is so not the dented-can warehouse we imagined. Visualize not just frozen food and Pop Tarts but also an aisle dedicated to organic packaged foods, sweet deals on imported cheeses and smoked salmon, even Friday afternoon wine tastings. Where else can you get Muir Glen organic tomatoes (99 cents), imported pasta (DeCecco, 99 cents a pound) and a limited edition box of Kellogg’s Star Trek cereal ($1.79) with change back from your five spot? Inventory changes constantly (golden rule: if you want it, buy it now), but you’ll usually leave feeling victorious and rarely leave empty-handed.